Ⅰ、Why Anti-dumping to Chinese Tile?

On 19th February,2016,responding to the application of Pakistan domestic tile producer representative Shabbir Tiles & Ceramic Limited,Pakistan National Tariff Commission made an initiation of anti-dumping investigation proceedings to Chinese tiles.

On 18th February,2017,Pakistan National Tariff Commission made an affirmative preliminary anti-dumping duty determination on imports of Chinese tiles with anti-dumping duty ranging from 5.21%-59.18%.

On 11th October,2017,Pakistan National Tariff Commission made the affirmative anti-dumping decision to Chinese tiles:

1.There is dumping on the imports of tiles involved, which have caused substantial damage to the Pakistani domestic industry.They decided to impose definite anti-dumping duty on the exporters/manufacturers involved (see Table 1).The duty rates are based on C&F trade termof the Chinese tile exportation.This ruling came into effect from February 18, 2017 and is valid for 5 years.

2.The final anti-dumping rates for the companies selected as sample range from 9.35% to 36.35%,and the rate for those companies which cooperating with investigation but no selected as sampling is 17.83%.As an agreement with China Chamber of Commerce of Metals,Minerals & Chemicals Importers &Exporters,those companies who do not comply with the price agreement will be subject to a generalized rate of 36.35%.

Name of Companies Definitive Anti-dumping Duty Rate
Companies selected in the searched sample
Fujian Minqing Xinfeng Ceramics Company limited 19.37%
Guangdong Haosen Ceramics Company Limited 26.62%
Heyuan Dongyuan Eagle Brand Ceramics Co. Limited 36.35%
Eagle Brand Ceramics Industry(Heyuan)Co. Limited 36.35%
Huida Sanitary Ware Company Limited 9.35%
Foshan Hexin Chuangzhan Ceramics Company Limited 9.35%
Zibo Huabang Ceramics Company Limited 9.35%
Cooperating producers not selected as searched sample
Guangdong Overland Ceramic Company Limited 17.83%
Super Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
Foshan Huashengchang Ceramics Compnay Limited 17.83%
Qingyuan Nafuna Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
Lixian Xinpeng Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
Guangdong Yongsheng Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
Foshan Chan Cheng Jinyi Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
All others 36.35%

Table 1 

3.For those companies who have signed the price price commitment,they can refrain from the anti-dumping duty by exporting tiles at prices higher than the following(see Table 2).


CFR Price


FOB Price


6907.21 Floor tile (porcelain tiles)

size up to 60x60CM

(or up to 3600 Square CM)

5.25 4.4
6907.21 Floor tile (porcelain tiles)

size above 60x60CM

(or above to 3600 square CM)

6.35 5.5

6907.22 OR


Wall tile(ceramic tiles)

size up to 45x45CM

(or up to 2025 Square CM)

3.55 2.7
6907.22 OR


Wall tile(ceramic tiles)

size above 45x45CM

(or above 2025 Square CM)

4.35 3.5

Table 2

Ⅱ、What Importers Can Do When Facing High Anti-dumping Duties?

It is good news that importing from price commitment companies no need to pay anti-dumping duty.This will greatly reduce the impact of anti-dumping investigation on China’s export of tile to Pakistan.

As we got the announcement from Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection And Quarantine Bureau website,to achieve non-anti-dumping duty,the importers should  get Certificate of Origin from the price commitment exporters,which issued by China’s Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

certificate of origin

Considering this, there are some notes should be paid attention to:

1.Certificate of origin for those companies who promise ceramic tile price commitment to Pakistan should use General Administration of Quality Supervision uniformly printed non-preferential certificates of origin.The fifth column of the certificate states“For Price Undertaking of Wall and Floor Tiles to Pakistan”.

2.Applicants who have applied for a price commitment certificate of origin should be exporters or producers.And exporters, producers and third parties (if have) of the same batch of tiles should be in the price commitment undertakings list which officially announced by Pakistan.

3.Certificate of Origin is effective only for floor tiles (porcelain tile) and wall tiles(non-porcelain tiles)with these HS CODE 6907.21、 6907.22 and 6907.23.

4.Those companies who apply price commitment certificate of original,in addition to submitting the documents required for non-preferential certificate of origin applications,should also submit proforma invoice and commercial invoice issued by China Chamber of Commerce of Metals,Minerals & Chemicals Importers &Exporters.

5.Enterprises involved in the price commitment should strictly abide the price commitment.Those who contrary to the price commitment, the Pakistani side will levy a 36.35% anti-dumping duties on their tile exportation to Pakistan.

tile anti-dumping duty

6.During the effective period of price commitment, those products which meet the price commitment requirements can only apply for the price commitment certificate of origin and the China-Pakistan Free Trade Area certificate of origin.Exporters who apply for issuing the ordinary non-preferential certificate of origin will be treated as violating the price commitment.They will be canceled the applicant qualification of price commitment C/O and credited to the integrity management system.