On 8th April, 2017, Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry published the final determination about Indian anti-dumping duties on Chinese glazed/unglazed porcelain/ vitrified tiles (with the Tax No. 6907\6908 and 6914).The final result was: the products involved in anti-dumping final ruling will be levied 0-1.87 US dollars/sq.m of anti-dumping duties. Some producers and exporters that have been involved in the final investigation and the duties are shown in the following table 1.

NO. Name of the producer Name of the Exporter Anti-dumping 


1 Guangdong Haosen Ceramics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Haosen Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Foshan Kihut Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Kun Lagy Limited, Hong Kong

2 Foshan Lihua Ceramics Co. Ltd. Foshan Henry Trading Co. Ltd. 0
3 Foshan Chancheng Jinyi Ceramics Co. Ltd. Foshan Worceter Trade Co. Ltd. 0
4 Foshan Qiangbio Ceramics Co.Ltd. Foshan Hongliao Trade co. Ltd.

Sheenway Corporation Ltd.

5 Southern Building Materials & Sanitary Co. Ltd.

Jiangxi Fuligao Ceramics Co. Ltd.

Guangdong Luxury Micro- crystal

Stone Technology Co. Ltd.

New Zhong Yuan Ceramics Import &

Export Co., Ltd. of Guangdong

6 Guangdong Gelaisi Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Foshan Sanshui Huiwanjia Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Foshan Newpearl Trade Co., Ltd. 0

The  producers and exporters that have not been judged(Table 2).

Sl. No. Name of the producer Name of the Exporter
1 Foshan Helai Building Materials Co., Ltd Foshan City Gaoming district hui

Mei AO Building Material Co., Ltd.

Foshan Xinzhongwei Economic

and Trade Co., Ltd.

Globlink Overseas (HK) Ltd.

2 Foshan City TaoQuiang Building Material Co., Ltd. Foshan Fortune Imp. And Exp.

Trade Co., Ltd.

3 Monalisa Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Monalisa Trading Co., Ltd.
4 Foshan Gold Full House Building Material Co., Ltd. Foshan Nanhai Rongjia

IM & EX Co., Ltd.

Foshan Clouds Import &

Exports Co., Ltd.

5 Guangdong Yongsheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. Foshan Ishine Trading Co., Ltd.
6 Foshan Sunny Ceramic Co., Ltd. Foshan Gold Medal Import and

Export Trading Co., Ltd.

7 Enping City Huachang Ceramic Co., Ltd. Enping City Huachang

Ceramic Co., Ltd.

8 Foshan Oceanland Ceramics Co., Ltd Foshan Oceanland

Ceramics Co., Ltd

9 Guangdong Overland Ceramics Co., Ltd Guangdong Overland

Ceramics Co., Ltd

10 Guangdong Kito Ceramics Co., Ltd Guangdong Kito Ceramics Co., Ltd
11 Foshan Sincere Building Material Co., Ltd Foshan Sincere Building

Material Co., Ltd

12 Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise Co., Ltd Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics

Enterprise Co., Ltd

13 Qingyuan Quya Ceramics Co., Ltd Qingyuan Quya

Ceramics Co., Ltd

14 Jingdezhen Kito Ceramic Co., Ltd Jingdezhen Kito

Ceramic Co., Ltd

15 Foshan Louis Valentino Ceramic Co., Ltd Foshan Louis Valentino

Ceramic Co., Ltd

16 Guangdong Xinfengjing Ceramics Co., Ltd Guangdong Xinfengjing

Ceramics Co., Ltd

17 Guangdong Tianbi Ceramics Co., Ltd Guangdong Tianbi

Ceramics Co., Ltd

18 Foshan HCC Building Material Co., Ltd Foshan HCC Building

Material Co., Ltd

19 Zhanjiang Zhonghong Ceramics Co., Ltd Foshan Beyond Import

and Export Co., Ltd

20 Heyuan Romantic Ceramics Co.,Ltd Foshan Beyond Import

and Export Co.,Ltd

21 Foshan Nanhai Yonghong Ceramic Co., Ltd Foshan Jun Enterprise Co., Ltd
22 Foshan Dunhunang Building Material Co., Ltd Foshan Dunhunang Building

Material Co., Ltd

23 Foshan Sanshui Hongyuan Ceramics Enterprise Co., Ltd Foshan Sanshui Hongyuan

Ceramics Enterprise Co., Ltd

24 Foshan Gani Ceramic Tiles Co. Ltd. Qingyuan Ceramic Tiles Co. Ltd.

Back on October 13th, 2015, Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced to  launched its anti-dumping investigation against Chinese ceramic tiles at the request of Gujarat  Granito  Manufacturers  Association and Sabarkantha  District Ceramic Association.The period of investigation for the case is from April 1st, 2014 to March 31th, 2015. The period of investigation for the industrial harm are: April, 2011 to March, 2012; April 2012 to March 2013; April 2013 to March 2014 and this period of investigation for anti-dumping. On March 11th, 2016, Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry published the preliminary determination in this anti-dumping case.

Article sourced from China Trade Remedy Information

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