In the past several months I wrote some articles about how to import tiles,furniture,drones,fidget spinners,etc.Since our company mainly focus on building materials exportation,how we can ignore sanitary wares!

This article will give you a comprehensive introduction of how to import sanitary wares from China including how to choose products,how to find good suppliers and some solutions for common problems.

The sanitary ware industry is a good business to be in. Its continued growth is due to increasing construction activities, the booming hospitality industry, rising disposable incomes, and increasing concerns over personal hygiene.

If you’re a distributor, wholesaler or retailer of sanitary wares, consider importing these products from China.

As we mentioned before,China global sourcing has become attractive due to the country’s mind-boggling variety of products, and its low cost of manufacturing. Businesses are attracted to the huge opportunity to make money by reselling wholesale goods bought cheaply.

China is the biggest producer and consumer of sanitary wares in Asia. Here you can find an extensive range of products, including toilets, washbasins, pedestals, bidets, urinals, sinks, bath tubs, bathroom cabinets, and many more. All at different price points and quality levels.

Chinese sanitary wares manufacturers

Read this comprehensive guide to help you when importing sanitary wares from China.

Ⅰ、What Kind of Sanitary Ware Will Bring You Business?

  • Classic appearance

Classics never go out of fashion. White, being a color associated with cleanliness, remains a popular color choice for sanitary wares. Also, clean designs in solid colors will always find ready buyers.

  • Convenient and safe

People like simple designs and simple mechanisms for safety and convenience. You want to be able to use the bathroom immediately when you need to, and not have to take time to figure out how to use many buttons or levers. This is especially useful for young kids, for the older generation, and for persons with disabilities.

  • Environment-friendly use

With the growing global concern for the environment, consumers now favor bathroom fixtures and fittings that do not waste a lot of water.

  • Luxury market

Every market has its high end segment. This market will search for luxury sanitary wares, artistic designs, private spas, saunas, shower systems, and larger baths that are stylish and comfortable.

Ⅱ、Classification of Sanitary Ware Produced in China

Sanitary ware products are types of plumbing fixtures and fittings found in bathrooms or washrooms.

According to the China Sanitary Ware Industry Report, those produced in China can be categorized according to raw material used, which is ceramic or non-ceramic.

Ceramic Non-ceramic
Toilet, bidet, urinal, wash basin, sink, pedestal,mop

sink, soap box and toilet roll holder

Bathtub,  faucet, bathroom cabinet, hand dryer,flusher

and other electronic parts

Classification of Sanitary Ware Produced in China

Ⅲ、Where to Find Sanitary Ware Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

When looking for sanitary ware manufacturers, go to the area with highest concentration of manufacturers. This region will have the best prices since neighboring manufacturers tend to be competitive.

Sanitary Wares Industry Clusters in China

Toilet, bidet, urinal, wash basin, sink, pedestal, mop sink, soap box,

toilet roll holder and other ceramic sanitary wares

Foshan city,Chaozhou city
Water tank Zhongshan city
Toilet cover,cistern fittings Xiamen city,Hebei province
Cabinet Foshan city,Chaozhou city
Shower room,bathtub,hand dryer Foshan city,Zhongshan city
Faucet,shower,accessaries Kaiping town,Nan an city,Wenzhou

Guangdong Province is the biggest sanitary ware manufacturing base in China, and probably the world. Here are the cities where there’s a large concentration of sanitary ware manufacturers:

1.Foshan City
foshan sanitary ware cluster

If you are specialized in purchasing high class sanitary wares and require sales who can speak English to communicate,coming to Foshan is a good choice.Foshan City is the ceramic capital and trade center of China. Located in Guangdong province, it is the largest and most important manufacturing base of ceramics in China.There are many famous sanitary ware brands own factories or sales centers in Foshan, such as TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, Suncoo, Roca, Dongpeng and so on.

Foshan is also the production cluster of cabinets,shower rooms and bathtubs.For cabinets,the product technology is same as high-end furniture because most of  them  are produced in Shunde,which is called furniture town of the world.Shower rooms and bathtubs locates in one of Foshan’areas,Nanhai.The leisure sanitary wares production technology absolutely far beyond other cities and regions.

By the way,if you plan to purchase many kinds of products for your house or projects,Foshan is the best choice.As I mentioned in my blog before,Foshan city is very famous for building materials,like tilesanitary wares, furniturelight,  window,  door,  etc.Of course,you can find any grade products here cause there are thousands of big and small companies or stalls offering your ideal items.In a word,Foshan offers you one-stop shopping,you can find a amazing purchasing world here.

foshan sanitary wares

Tips: Since Foshan is next to Guangzhou,it takes about 50mins from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Foshan city.As far as I know,some companies in Foshan would arrange car service for their customers.If you contacted some suppliers before coming to China,try to confirm your visiting schedule so that they can pick you up on time.Or you can take a taxi or airport bus directly.If you have plan visiting Guangzhou.Taking a taxi or subway from Foshan is quite convenient.

Main Brands:SHKL,Frank,Godi, Andemasuo,Arrow,Faenza,Annwa,SSWW,Eagle,Suncoo,Dongpeng.

2.Chaozhou City
chaozhou sanitary wares

A city in the eastern Guangdong province, Chaozhou City is known for its ceramic industry, and is the porcelain capital of Guangdong.At present, Chaozhou is the the largest production base of domestic ceramic sanitary wares.Its production value accounted for 40% of national production and 55% of export volume.

If you are specialized in ceramic sanitary ware business and always purchase large quantity.Coming to Chaozhou city is the best choice.Chaozhou manufacturers mainly produce ceramic items such as toilet,basin,bidet,pedestal and so on.Most of the ceramic sanitary ware factories locate in Guxiang,Dengtang,Fengxi,Fengtang town.

Tips: If you come to Chaozhou for purchasing,you’d better find a Chinese interpreter to assist you.If you can find a person who can speak local language,that will be great because suppliers normally talk about some secrets in teochew dialect,especially when they don’t want customers to  know their internal discussion about price when face to face negotiating.

It is also convenient traveling to Chaozhou.You can take the high-speed rail from Guangzhou to Chaoshan station and ask supplier to pick you up.

Main Brands:Hegii,Anbi,DOLO,Madao,Vieany,AUBELL,Senchn,TOZO,JIOHOL,Yatao,Monga,Taitao,Muye.

3.Kaiping City
kaiping faucets and hardware fittings

A city in Guangdong province, Kaiping City is known as “Sanitary City.”  The sanitary and plumbing wares industry is considered one of the city’s pillar industries. Its Shuikou town is the biggest base domestically for faucets and hardware fittings manufacturing, and has the biggest sanitary wares exhibition center in China.The products quality is the best one and price is a little bit high.They are suitable for customers who have high quality requirements.

Main brands:Huayi,CAE,Caizhou,Gold,CME,Aosman

4.Nan an City
nan an faucets

A city in southern Fujian province that is also considered as a major center of ceramic production. In Chinese history, it was known as a center of celadon production. Celadon wares are green glazed bowls with carved and combed or dotted decorations.Here you can find many faucets,showers and angle valves factories.Those are in middle quality and reasonable price,quite suitbale for projects.


5.Zhongshan city
zhongshan shower room manufacturers

After more than 20 years of development, Zhongshan City has the capability to produce 2.8 million sets of shower room products with an annual export volume of 300 million U.S. dollars. Zhongshan is one of the major cities for economic exchanges between the east and west coasts of the Pearl River Delta and an important transportation node in the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary.

Until now,there are more than 100 well-known shower room enterprises in Zhongshan city.It is the veritable Chinese shower room manufacturing base.

Disadvantages: Anti-dumping laws of Europe and the United States on the building materials industry.Less and less exportation tax from government on the shower room industry make it harder to export.


6.Wenzhou city
wenzhou hardware accessaries

Wenzhou locates in Zhejiang province.There are a large number of hardware OEM small workshops in this city.

Comparing with Kaiping and Nan an,the hardware accessaries in Wenzhou are cheaper but not so high quality.They are suitable for customers who care much about the price but not the quality.

Main brands:RODDEX,Cobbe,ORans,AIFEILING,ENSLI,SReam,CleanDell,BJB.

Attending trade fairs would be a great idea for meeting many suppliers in person in a short period of time. Face-to-face meetings build trust and generate goodwill. You can get immediate feedback and negotiate better pricing and terms.

One important trade fair is the Canton Fair which is held twice a year, every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, China. It connects Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers with buyers and exporters from around the world. Specific to the sanitary wares industry are the Guangzhou International Sanitary Ware Fair and the China International Ceramic and Bathroom Fair or CeramBath.

If you plan coming to Canton Fair,please remember that for sanitary wares display are from 15th April to 19th April and 15th October to 19th October every year.

canton fiar for sanitary wares

Ⅳ、How to Search Sanitary Ware Suppliers from China Online?

If you can’t go to trade fairs to talk to possible suppliers, you can always go online and do comparison-shopping.Doing online research for product sourcing can be cost effective. You’ll save money that would otherwise be spent on airline tickets, accommodation, and other expenses incurred when visiting China factories.

You can find online listings of Chinese suppliers in platforms like Alibaba and Global Sources.

Alibaba is a popular China product sourcing website. It has millions of suppliers and products listed. With its huge list, the directory is faced with questions on the quality of suppliers. The site is also known for having many middlemen or sourcing agents, instead of actual manufacturers.

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alibaba website

In 2003, Global Sources began to offer an online directory of suppliers similar to Alibaba. They specialize in mobile electronics, home and gift items, and fashion and accessories.

If you’re a beginner and would like to test the waters first, you can try ordering a small quantity from sites like DHgate or AliExpress. There you can find minimum order quantities (MOQs) as low as one piece.

global sources

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when looking at the huge number of listings found in online platforms. To narrow down your choices of possible Chinese sanitary ware suppliers, it’s important to have a criteria for selection. For that, you need to first identify your needs: the specific kind of product you need, the amount you need at present and in the future, your budget, and also your timeline.

In these online directories, you can see supplier profiles along with ratings, reviews, prices, shipment time and other information.

Look for verified manufacturers known for their quality products and those that have established a good reputation in dealing with international buyers. Specifically, find out about a supplier’s business license, its production output capacity, financial capacity, quality control system and its history of contract fulfillment.

When you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to pick the main supplier and a backup supplier. Contact these manufacturers directly to discuss details. Or you can hire a sourcing agent to look for the most suitable suppliers for your needs.

Best China agent helps you import

Ⅴ、Problems You May Have When Importing Sanitary Wares from China

You may have heard of horror stories about businesses sourcing their products from China. When dealing with Chinese suppliers, here are common problems encountered:

  • Poor product quality

  • Incorrect items or wrong product details

  • Delays in delivery

  • Suppliers gone missing

When first looking for suppliers, find out if they are knowledgeable about product quality and safety standards. Know which standards apply to specific sanitary wares (bathtubs, faucets, etc.) or specific countries (like the US or Canada) or markets (like the European Union). Ask prospective suppliers about their quality control measures and ask them to prove previous compliance or show compliance certificates.

Many problems regarding products are usually the result of miscommunication. Take time in preparing your product specifications. Pay close attention to details. Also, manage your expectations. Asking for short delivery times invites quality problems and/or delayed deliveries. Hire a good translator or a trusted China product sourcing agent if needed.Whatever,checking the quality before loading can avoid many troubles.

For supplier problems, you might not have done due diligence on your supplier. You might have just chosen the one that offered the cheapest price. To avoid supplier problems, you need to inquire about the supplier’s experience or reputation in manufacturing and trading. Again, you might need the help of a China sourcing agent to make the process easier.

Best China sourcing agent helps you import sanitary wares

Ⅵ、How to Choose Good Quality Sanitary Ware?

As with any product, you usually rate the quality of sanitary wares based on the quality of raw materials that they are made of. This directly affects the product’s lifespan or how long you can use it. Also, you measure quality based on the benefits or features of these products.

  • Durable

    Whether you prefer a ceramic, acrylic, marble, fiberglass or another type of bath fixture, you want to look at the quality and finish of the raw material used. You’d want one that’s durable, with the finish not likely to easily fade or crack.

  • Thicker glaze  

    The glaze, which is the glass-like surface coating, enables the sanitary ware to be waterproof and protects it from chemicals. The thicker the glaze, generally, the longer its lifespan. Also, the more you use and clean the sanitary wares, the faster the glaze wears out.

  • Thicker color

    The color or overspray is applied before the glaze. The thicker the color applied, the less fading there is on the edges, and the color is even over the whole item.

  • Water-efficient

    There are toilets that have weak flushing power, which can lead to problematic plumbing. Find out if a toilet can do its job in a single flush or more.

  • Easy to clean

    These do not need high maintenance for daily care.

  • Choose the right designs and sizes

    1.P-trap or s-trap toilet

    2.Single or double  hole basin

    3.Right or left door of shower room

    4.Right or left side of bathtub

Last but not least,there are both good and bad suppliers no matter which place of the world.To make sure all things going well,please pay attention to check the quality before loading and make some marks on the package in case being replaced with bad goods.Remembering to supervise loading containers so as to confirm the quanitty and avoid breakages.

foshan sourcing agent

One customer told me he bought faucets from another supplier before,which are nice,heavy and very cheap!Check this video you will know how much important to find a reliable supplier!

Ⅶ、How to Find a Sourcing Agent for Sanitary Ware?

To make the importing process relatively easier, especially if it’s your first time to import sanitary ware from China, you can engage the services of a sourcing agent to connect you with their trusted manufacturers.

Hiring sanitary ware sourcing agents will save you time and energy. They can help you find suitable suppliers, manage quality control and logistics, and more importantly, negotiate lower prices and better payment terms.

Like Chinese suppliers, there are good and bad China sourcing agents. So you need to research to find the right one for you.

Your best China product sourcing agent will be knowledgeable about your product or product category, has a thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture, is experienced in quality control and in the sourcing process, and is experienced in managing Chinese suppliers and international buyers.Most importantly,they should be in good servicing attitude and responsibility.

It makes sense to work with Foshan sourcing agents because they will be based in a city with a big number of sanitary ware manufacturers. Foshan-based sourcing companies will have a large network of sanitary ware suppliers, plus a good knowledge and better understanding of the market. Moreover,since those production clusters of sanitary wares locate next to or near Foshan,it is also convenient for them to deal with your other orders placed in another cities.

Best China sourcing agent

You can check more detailed information on other article about How To Find A Good Sourcing Agent?

You may encounter difficulties in importing items from China, especially on your first try, but these outweigh the benefits and cost savings achieved when you find the right sourcing agent and ultimately, the right Chinese supplier for your sanitary wares.